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Gloria’s Tumbling hosts annual Halloween Invitational

"Gloria's" Tumbling Team hosted the 16th Annual Halloween Invitational at Bellefontaine High School recently.

Seven teams from Ohio and a team from Michigan participated.

Listed below are individual results for "Gloria's" Team, in the order of Double Mini Trampoline/Trampoline/Tumbling:

Kelley Forsythe - 6th/ 6th/ 1st

Rae Parsell - 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd

Khierstyn Branan - 3rd/ 2nd/ 1st

Alaina Heath - 6th/ 6th/ 6th

Jaxon Heath - 1st/ 1st / 1st

Mia McDonald - 5th/ 1st/ 2nd

Kylie Shoe - 1st/ 1st/ 2nd

Addison Shoe - 2nd/ 2nd/ 2nd

Riley Myers - 2nd/ 8th/ 2nd

Lauren Easton - 2nd/ 3rd/ 1st

Julia Easton - 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd

Regan Ross - 2nd/ 3rd/ 3rd

Riley Ross - 5th/ 1st/ 3rd

Kylie Ropp - 3rd /2nd/ 1st

Zoie Longbrake - 2nd/ 2nd/ 1st

Mallory Liles - 4th/ 5th/ 4th

Courtney Roach - 6th/ 4th / 3rd

Cody Roach - 3rd/ 2nd / DNP

Ashley Roach - 9th/ 7th / 3rd

Tayteum Vigansky - 4th/ 3rd / 2nd

Taylor Forsythe - 1st/ 4th/ 1st

Abby Godwin - 4th/ 2nd/ 3rd

Kennadie Bryant - 4th/ 4th/ 1st

Montanna Buck - 2nd/ 1st/ 1st

Tori Hurley - 3rd/ 1st/ 4th

Madelyn Trittschuh - 4th/ 4th/ 6th

Kyndal Newkirk - 6th/ 7th/ 8th

Karsyn Newkirk - 2nd/ 2nd/ 3rd

Mary Bickham - 3rd/ 3rd/ 3rd

Bethany Lowery - 2nd/ 1st/ 4th

Mia Oppy - 5th/ 5th/ 2nd

Mekenzie Flora - 4th/ 5th/ 1st

Kaeleigh Flora - 3rd/ 5th/ 4th

Jordan Butler - 3rd/ 7th/ 2nd

Mackenzie Southard - 3rd/ 2nd/ 1st

Kolbi Moell - 3rd/ 8th/ 2nd

Hannah Elliing - 4th/ 5th/ 1st

Dustin Van Buskirk - 1st/ 1st/ DNP

Krista Van Buskirk - 8th/ 3rd/ 5th

Abby Kite - 5th/ 1st/ 2nd

Sadie Hughes - 5th/ 6th/ 5th

Amber Kuck - 3rd/ 5th/ 3rd

Bailey Penhorwood - 1st/ 1st/ 2nd

Allison Penny - 4th/ 3rd/ 1st

Alicia Watkins - 5th/ 4th/ DNP

Brianne Alig - 2nd/ 5th/ 3rd

"Gloria's" Team will travel to Kentucky in November for their next competition.

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