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Monday, June 9 2014 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Do you know that many people in Logan, Hardin and Champaign counties are not pleased with the proposed construction of hundred's of wind turbines within our counties?  I have watched as our citizens are being educated about the problems the turbines will cause.  It is clear that when the public is informed they are quick to see that the wind farms are not a very good idea.  As a matter of fact if you weigh the propaganda against the facts it is hard to find evidence that they will be of any benefit.  But this article is not about Wind Farms, it is about why we decided to spend the multiplied millions of dollars to build wind farms in the first place.  Could it be that these decisions were born out of a lie that we are all going to die due to Global Warming?

The following information is from an article written in May by Weather Channel co-founder John Coleman.  In his article Mr. Coleman said that he would do everything he can to debunk the distortion of scientific facts that have led to current Climate Warming claims.  Mr. Coleman does not believe that fossil fuels have had any significant impact on the natural process of weather change.  He indicated that it is a verifiable fact that Al Gore made global warming a platform issue for the Democrat Party that had been accepted withour serious study or scientific consideration.   He stated that there are thousands and thousands of scientists who know we are right and we know that misleading information is costing us billions in tax dollars every year while driving up the cost of living by more then a thousand dollars per family per year.  He stated that it still amazes him how carbon dioxide had been made out to be this horrible problem when it is actually the single most important ingredient for plant growth.  The more carbon dioxide we feed plants the faster they grow and produce the oxygen people need to survive.

Recetly the Top of Ohio Patriorts 9-12 hosted a lecture by Dr. Bob Wagner of Columbus.  In his lecture Bob showed that the science being presented to support the theory of global warming actually disproves the concept of golbal warming when the data is properly read.  Since the truth about global warming is so critical when making decisions about issues like Wimd Farms our group decided to show a newly release 1-hour long film entitled (Blue) at our next meeting.  This film exposes the fallacies of the Green movemnet propaganda and what the real outcome will be if our plublic policies are controlled by their misinformation.

The free video will be shown at 7:00pm in the ain auditorium of the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center located at 2280 SR 540, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311 on June 9th.

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