Battle of the Beards: A 'Stache for Cash Benefit iCal

Saturday, November 9 2013 3:00 PM - 11:00 PM

This year we return the Historic Holland Theatre for our second annual:


                 BATTLE OF THE BEARDS: A 'Stache for Cash Benefit! 

Saturday November 9th, 2013 Doors open for music and registration at 3:30p

Music Featured by: 
            Trevor Howe and Ross Skaggs
                            The Hedgehog String band (a.k.a.The Mustache Rides)
                                                  Red Beard's Revenge!!!

9 categories! Beginning @ 7p!

1st place winners will receive a folk art beard carved by chainsaw!

2nd and 3rd place winners will get pretty cool awards as well. 

Our categories for this event will be:

  Artificial Beard - MOST Realistic (make a beard out of faux hair or something similar that either looks real or is meant to look real!)

  Artificial Beard - MOST Fantastic (make a beard out of ANYTHING else!)

  Natural Moustache - For those that rock JUST the moustache naturally without any product!

  Styled Moustache - For those that use wax or other products to style their moustache!

  Partial Beard Natural - Side Burns, Chops, Goatee, Soul Patches, anything other than a full beard.

  Partial Beard Styled - Same as above only there's some product involved. Curls, spikes, however you want to get crazy...Be creative!

  Full Beard Groomed (Your boss hasn't made you shave YET?) There is no length requirement in this. If you have a shorter beard you may want to enter this category or you'll have to face the BIG dogs. It's your decision. Groomed in this scenario means you either trim it, or haven't been growing all that long.

  Full Beard Natural (For the longer beards) Again, there is no length requirement but this category is intended for those that either don't trim, or haven't trimmed in a really long time. We're looking for the BIG dogs that were mentioned above. You know who you are...

  Full Beard Freestyle! This is a fun category that showcases crazy style and design (products, curls, props, colors, etc.). ANYTHING GOES!

  The Judges (TBA) will be looking for how well the facial hair fits the category, as well as the person presenting it. Those that come in character (dressed up to stand out) usually win some points with the judges and the crowd but, that's not always the case.

  If you plan to compete remember: This is a charity event and it's for fun as well as bragging rights. There are some pretty cool trophies involved but, we can only have so many winners. Don't be discouraged or upset if you don't win, and help the winners celebrate their victory and enjoy their moment in the spotlight! There's always next time! 


The competition is $10 at the door

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